The Future Prospects  day Presented by Nike Sports Camps Canada will be comprised of Clinics run by OSBA and College coaches followed  by  Showcase games that will provide attendees to display their skills on the court against their peers.  

In order to be considered for the Future Prospect Showcase and Clinic a player needs be in grade 7, 8, or 9 as of September 1 of the same school year as the Showcase.  



 The Girls Elite Showcase and Clinic  Presented by Nike Sports Camps Canada  provides elite level female athletes with a venue to showcase their basketball talents and get insight to aid in the development of their basketball skills. During the day of the Showcase, Players will gain maximum exposure through drill work and 5-on-5 round robin full-court exposure games. This format will allow players to showcase their talents in front of the coaches in attendance. 

 In order to be considered for the Senior Showcase and Clinic a player needs be in grade 10, 11, or 12 as of September 1 of the same school year as the Showcase.  

2020 G.E.S. Event Schedule

  • 9:30-9:50 am - Registration
  • 9:50-10:10 am - Introduction and Warm-up
  • 10:10 am-12:00 pm - Guest Speakers
  • 12:00-1:00 pm - Lunch/Panel discussion
  • 1:10-1:35 pm - Junior Prospect Game
  • 1:40-2:05 pm - Game 1
  • 2:10-2:35 pm - Game 2
  • 2:40-3:05 pm - Game 3
  • 3:10-3:35 pm - Game 4
  • 3:40-4:00 pm - Awards & Wrap Up



Our goal is to provide the best student-athletes in the Ontario with an opportunity to be seen by Prep-Schools and Post-Secondary institutions, as well as have the opportunity to hear from coaches and players that have been successful in their basketball careers.  


  1. Compete against top players throughout Ontario
  2. Get exposure in front of Coaches and Recruiters
  3. Videotaped clinic sessions and games
  4. High-level coaching and instruction designed to help players improve their skills
  5. Showcase Basketball gear


Love Of The Game

 “One of the things that most impresses me was that they are willing to coach anyone that wants to learn and love the game. They work as hard with a group of tier five Team Ontario Basketball athletes as he does with the University athletes that attend his summer program. Their goal is always improvement and getting the most out of people.” ~ Sam [Nipising University - Player]

Mental and Skill Preparation

 “Within the past 3 years, I have had the event director personally work with two players of mine (my daughter being one) to assist in them with the mental and skill preparation for a varsity university basketball career.  My daughter is currently playing in her third year at Laurentian and their help was a big part of that!” ~ George [YNBA - President]

Great Environment

 “The passion for the game shines through in every moment of teaching. There staff is able to create the most positive, energetic and fun learning environment for those looking to develop their skills.  They truly care and will do everything it takes to help you grow as an athlete, and an individual.” ~ Nada [Purple Eagles - Player]

Extraordinary Energy

 “I have known Jey-son for the better part of two decades and in everything he does, he brings extraordinary energy, passion, and focus. Jey-son has been involved in several of our programs and he always adds significant value to athletes and staff alike. I know anything Jey-son takes on, he does so with excellence. ” ~ Mano [PGC - President]